Dash Group Inc. has been providing automated software solutions and professional services to the aviation industry for over 30 years. Since incorporation in 1982, we have been developing and enhancing our products to ensure our clients have the most modern features, efficient and dependable resources for managing their aviation business. We provide end-to-end software solutions for: 

Revenue Management - Revenue Accounting, Ticket Auditing

Aircraft Maintenance Management

Inventory and Purchasing Management

Within each module of our software clients find a user-friendly working environment that minimizes manpower requirements while maximizing the application and use of information.

Our original products were developed for the HP Main Frame environment. The HP systems were proven for their ease of use, dependability, and flexibility and were the preferred systems of our clients.

As the computer industry grew, so did our products. We developed a full product line of Windows based aviation software for both the PC Client/Server based platform and the Multi-tiered - web enabled scalable system. Our product lines utilize all the functionality common to Windows programs while maintaining the flexibility, dependability and functionality of our original software features. All our products produce maximum output with minimum input requirements.

In keeping with current trends, we are currently developing an enhanced line of products to replace the original HP systems. This exciting new software will have even more functionality than was offered in the original programs; such as multi language support, improved ‘help’ functions, improved system maintenance features, user customized reporting and more flexibility to tailor the software to work in each individual client’s environment.

At DASH Group Inc. we are committed to providing quality, dependable and affordable software solutions for Aviation Revenue, Maintenance, Inventory and Purchasing Management. We have solutions for all sizes and types of aviation companies. Check out the PRODUCTS page for information on the system that is right for you.