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Maintenance, Inventory, Purchasing Management

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Maintenance,  Inventory, Purchasing Management

We are excited to announce the development of our newest product line – the DASH Air MIPS XML Web Enabled system.   This new product will feature the best business functions of both the DASH MIPS HP3000 and DASH MIPS PC systems.  Additionally, the Web Enabled format will enable additional functionality that further enhances the new system.

Our new Web Enabled product is being built using the latest cutting edge technologies from Microsoft – the Microsoft .NET Framework.   The Microsoft .NET Framework is the Microsoft Windows® component for building and running the next generation of applications and XML Web services.  The system will have multi-lingual access should a company have bases in multiple countries.

This new product will utilize a ‘thin client’ requiring only a modern ‘web browser’ and a DASH supplied ‘report viewer’.  The programs can be accessed virtually anywhere by the use of the web browser.  Employees from out-bases can access the system via the use of a standard Internet connection while local employees will gain access via the LAN – Local Area Network. 

The multi-tier approach allows for a wide range of hardware; standard PC, Apple Mac, Laptops and PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistants).  Scaling up for more users simply means adding additional web server machines.  The database server can be a single PC Server on up through Unix and Mainframe machines.

Middle-tier presentation and Visual Basic .Net business logic is implemented using ASP.NET server controls and web forms.  Business logic resides on the Internet servers capable of running the MS .NET runtime.  To balance load, any number of Business Logic servers can be utilized.  The database server will hold the company’s data.  The entire database will be SQL based and will allow for the use of third-party report writers such as Crystal etc.

The 'data access layer' is coded in C and has the capability of accessing various SQL databases.  The data access makes extensive use of 'stored procedures' for fast and accurate data management.  Additionally, the Data Access Layer will be able to access data in most modern SQL database utilizing MS SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2 or Pervasive SQL.

Development of this new product is currently progressing on schedule for an early 2004 release.  Check our What’s New page for updates and further information.


Revenue Management

The RATA applications are included in Phase II of the Web-Enabled system development.   Development of the RATA applications is expected to have an early 2004 start date.  Updates will be available in our NEWS section.